"You’ve gathered some of the most impressive women in the world in this room who are redefining their industries as the leaders of today and tomorrow."

In a competitive and fragmented media landscape, what are the  tools and tactics required to generate publicity for your brand? Get insights from a panel of media experts. Tickets here.

It’s 6pm on a Thursday. I’m home from work and its been a long day, a long week in fact. There are a couple of evening engagements in my calendar that I ought to attend but just can’t summon up the energy for. In the end, it’s my husband who forces me out the door, pointing out the benefits of being present at both events. And ultimately, I’m glad I made t...

Ninon Marapachi, Head of Hedge Fund Origination & Product Management at Merrill Lynch and Meryl Poster, Head of Television, Weinstein Company share how their differing work styles get them great results.

Alexandra Wilkis Wilson is the founder of Gilt Groupe and Glam Squad.  Hear her insights on startups, pivoting, fundraising and more. 

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