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From Office Job To Entrepreneur: When To Say 'I Quit'

Some people are born entrepreneurs. They dream of founding companies from early childhood, create mini-empires from lemonade stands and launch their first startups straight out of college. Others transition into startup life after years spent on the corporate treadmill, eventually hitting a point in their careers where it no longer makes sense to answer to anyone; perhaps they feel stifled and crave autonomy and creative freedom.

I was one of the latter. A corporate player my entire life, I was pretty comfortable working in hierarchies and structured environments but then I hit a wall. It was time to take the plunge.

Entrepreneurship sounds exciting. A recent survey showed that 63% of young people want to become entrepreneurs. Additionally, dissatisfaction in the workplace has increased, with 23% of executives quitting their jobs last year. Women in particular are a fast growing segment and are expected to own 39% of all businesses of all businesses by 2017. For women such as myself, entrepreneurship can also provide the flexibility needed to manage a professional life and the demands of a family.

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