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The Office Construct as We Know It Was Created By Men at a Time Women Weren’t Even Allowed to Work

I had my first baby 10 weeks ago, a little boy called Sebastian. Definitely one of the most wonderful things that’s ever happened to me — one of my proudest moments.

Now that I’m a mother myself, I have a deeper understanding of the challenges faced by many working mothers. And I have an even more profound respect for my fellow life-jugglers. Pregnancy can be hard — physically and emotionally. And, having a child and running a business is tougher still. Getting three hours of sleep a night is a luxury and you need an MBA in the art of mullti-tasking.

There’s a huge disparity between the numbers of women entering the workplace and those who make it to leadership positions. Women make up half the labor force but just 3 percent of CEOs of Fortune 500 companies. Some attribute a portion of this fall-off to the fact that many career-driven women leave the workforce to have children, and never return, or return only for a short period because the support isn’t there.

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