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Why Networking Is Not A Dirty Word

It’s 6pm on a Thursday. I’m home from work and its been a long day, a long week in fact. There are a couple of evening engagements in my calendar that I ought to attend but just can’t summon up the energy for. In the end, it’s my husband who forces me out the door, pointing out the benefits of being present at both events. And ultimately, I’m glad I made the effort, not just because I enjoyed myself but because I also connected with a great potential strategic partner for my organization.And that’s really the point of networking. I like to compare it to the difference between casually window shopping and coming across things you need, versus desperately hunting for that one crucial item within a set deadline. When you’re out and about connecting with your industry, the helpful relationships you forge along the way are organic and valuable. Networking is the lifeblood of an entrepreneur and I can name countless friends and colleagues who met their investors or sourced clients at conferences, or who found their business partners and made new hires through industry parties. Read more

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