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When Two Is Better Than One - The Value Of A Business Partner

I don’t mind admitting that listening to Amanda Hesser and her business partner Merrill Stubbs speak about their relationship gave me pangs of envy. The founders of the highly successful online platform for food lovers, Food52 have worked together since 2009 and there’s an ease to their relationship and a level of trust, that according to them has been there from the outset. Now I don’t happen to have a business partner and I like both the autonomy of working alone and the speed with which I can make decisions, but at the same time, it’s an incredible amount of work, it can be lonely and no one will ever care about my company and put in the same blood, sweat and tears that I do. And that’s of course where a business partner comes in.

Hesser strongly agrees about the benefits of sharing the load. She had never even considered the idea of not working with a partner. “ I’m not a person who assumes I can do everything well and I really value partnerships. I’m naturally collaborative. And on a practical level, there’s so much to be done.”

Producer Lucy Barzun Donnelly is also thankful she has a partner inher well regarded production company, Locomotive. She and co-founder Alexandra Kerry produce and finance films for women, by women. (Side note. Hallelujah!). She knew of Kerry before they became partners – they were family friends. “I wanted to make high-quality content for women and I immediately saw a kindred spirit in Alex. I’ve always felt more inspired, creative and motivated working in a partnership. You are able to support one another and build off each other’s strengths.” Kerry also brought a valuable skill, branding, to the table, which would allow the company to expand on the type of content it produced. “We are using our experience with storytelling to branch into short form content and are partnering with brands to create cool and innovative films that make people think.”

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