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The Power of Women Supporting Each Other at Work

Corporate culture can be cold, cut-throat and ruthlessly competitive. And women who work in tough and especially male dominated environments can get caught up in the false narrative that there’s only room for one. However, a new generation of women in business, now realize that finding success actually doesn't have to come at the expense of supporting other women. While many companies now understand that fostering a culture of women supporting women can be its superpower. Why Women Supporting Women is So Powerful

1. Supporting Women is a Push for Equal Pay Two is stronger than one. By making it a collective effort, women can better negotiate salary packages and strategize to bring gender parity to the workplace. Together, women can push for equal pay and fair treatment more effectively than one woman can do alone. 2. Women's Networks Make Good Business Sense

Being supportive of your peers is not a detriment to your own success. Quite the opposite. Women who choose to lift each other up will find that they also personally benefit. In particular, joining company women’s networks creates strong bonds that result in mentorship opportunities, promotions and stronger workplace culture.

3. Supportive Women Build Stronger Women Mentorship is a powerful experience for both the mentor and mentee. Women who give back to up and coming employees as mentors and sponsors, not only benefit themselves by becoming stronger more empathetic leaders but they also strengthen the workplace. Through mentorship, mentees are able to grow in their expertise, knowledge, skills and confidence, ultimately becoming a stronger asset for the company. When supportive women are in power, everyone benefits. 4. Women Supporting Other Women Will Reduce Workplace Discrimination

An organization that has a company culture of women looking out for one another can create a fairer more equal culture. When women feel supported by their peers, they are more likely to speak up about discrimination or harassment. Recent examples of the power of women’s collective voices include the internal Nike protest against mistreatment and pay inequity and the Google staff walkout over sexual misconduct allegations.

Supporting other women in business just makes personal and professional sense. The more we view each other as equals and as assets, the better we can work together to build a stronger professional environment that benefits all diverse employees.

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